Region: Australia
Age: 55
Tel: 0490108724

I offer an Erotic Wh

I offer an Erotic Whole Body Massage, it is performed on my very comfortable massage table in my private and secure studio, we will both be naked but you will be loosely covered by soft towels, touching me is ok if you want. The massage will begin with you face down, I commence at your legs and work my up and way around your body, no part of you will be left untouched and a lot of time will be spent where we never get touched during a typical massage, my focus is to stimulate you and get your blood pumping, our purpose is to get and keep you hard, I have toys available, you turn over and we start again. The last half hour will be a Jonlipson massage where I sit between your legs and preform a ball and ass massage whilst using a penil pump to encourage growth, Oral techniques can also be used while all the time some great video will be playing. Welcome drinks provided About me, I'm an Australian male 55yo, 5"10", 105kg, average I guess, mostly straight, experienced, qualified and certified to practice Relaxation Massage except my style is way better. My private studio is located in Parramatta CBD a shower is available should you need. Parking can be arranged. I welcome Guys, Girls, Couples or anyone else and I am available typically from 10.30am till 9pm for last booking, try me, this an honest relaxing massage, no embarrassment and no pressure, just a great experience. Single massage takes about 1.5 hours and is just $99 Couples massage takes about 2.5 hours and is $149 Call or text me on 0490108724